Q. Which form do I fill out?


A. Each member will fill out an electronic form listed under the Covid menu.  The member will be filling out the form of the Ward or Branch they are assigned to.  Example: Brother Smith goes to the Makawao Ward.  Brother Smith will fill out the Makawao form.

Q. When do I fill out the form?

A. Your Bishop or Branch President will let you know when to fill out the form.  The forms can be filled out in advanced based on when you are scheduled to attend.

Q. What if I forgot to fill out the form before attending a meeting?

A. The Usher assigned at the door will have a device and will be able to assist you in filling out your registration form.

Q. What if I don't have a computer or internet service to fill out a form?

A. Please notify a member of the Bishopric, RS or EQ Presidency prior to your attendance.  They will assign an usher or clerk to complete your electronic registration for you.

Q. How will I know when I am able to attend a meeting?

A. The Bishopric, Branch Presidency, RS or EQ Presidency will contact you and provide the information which will include which group you are in, the date and time you are assigned to attend a meeting.

Q. How are the groups assigned?

A. Each Bishopric, RS or EQ Presidency or a combination of council members have preassigned groups and will notify you of those assignments.

Q. Will I get a copy of my registration form?

A. Yes.  Once the completed registration form is submitted, a copy will be emailed to you, your Bishop or Branch President and the Stake Clerk.

Q. What if I don't have an email address?

A. A printed copy may be provided upon request.  If not, a copy will be sent to your Bishop or Branch President.

Q. What if I don't have a cell phone?

A. If you don't have a cell phone, you can enter your landline number.

Q. Why do I have to list a Maui address?

A. In the event of an unlikely COVID situation, your address is needed to contact you in case you can not be contacted by phone or email.

Q. Why do I need to register each time I attend a meeting?

A. In the event of an unlikely COVID situation, the forms are used to identify the individuals and groups who have attended the meeting by date and time.  As individuals and groups vary from meeting to meeting, it is necessary to identify each attendee by meeting date and time. Each form will be timestamped providing the date, time, IP address and information provided by the head of household.  

Q. What happens to my information on the registration form and how long is it kept?

A. Your information is kept private and will not be shared with anyone.  Your registration form is kept for 30 days from the time the registration is received.  These forms will be kept in a electronic folder organized by the Bishopric or Branch Presidency or Stake Clerk and/or Membership Clerk.  The only exception would be in the unlikely case of the COVID situation.  In this case, government procedures will be followed.  After the 30 days have expired, the forms will be deleted.

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