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maui county
Reference pages 16 & 17, paragraphs 15 & 16
Click the link above to view the full version of the recent County Rules.
​15. In-person spiritual services may be conducted provided all of the following are implemented:
a. All persons present at the service must maintain six (6) feet of physical distance between others, except members of the same household or living unit. Organizers are should limit the number of persons attending in-person spiritual services to ensure this physical distancing requirement is met.
b. Organizers and employees are strongly encouraged to develop and implement appropriate COVID-19 mitigation plans and procedures for their respective in-person services, which must include, but are not limited to, addressing the following issues:
i. Usage of face coverings as detailed in Rule 5(A).
ii. Safeguards for higher risk populations consistent with CDC guidance, available at ncov/need-extra-precautions/index.html.
iii. Persons who are sick.
iv. Personal hygiene.
v. Usage of hand sanitizer and sanitizing products.
vi. Cleaning and disinfection.
vii. Online and remote access and/or drive-in services.
viii. Signage.
ix. Limiting community sharing of worship materials and other frequently touched items.
x. Projection of hymns and verses, when possible.
xi. Organizers and employees of in-person spiritual services must follow to the greatest extent possible current COVID-19 related County guidelines, State of Hawaii guidelines, CDC guidelines (available at ncov/community/faith-based.html).
16. Drive-in spiritual, and non-spiritual, services or events (such as drive-in movies) provided: 
a. Persons attending services must drive up in an enclosed vehicle and remain in that same vehicle during the entire event. Sitting in the bed of an open-air pickup truck is allowed.
b. Vehicle windows, sunroofs, and convertible tops must remain closed during the entire service, unless the vehicle is parked more than six (6) feet away from any other vehicle.
c. Persons within the same vehicle must wear face coverings as provided in Rule 5, unless the vehicle is occupied only by members of the same household or living unit.
d. Organizers and all participants must follow current County Rules, State, and CDC guidelines.
e. Organizers, observing physical distancing, should be present to ensure proper spacing between vehicles and the orderly compliance of all guidelines. Organizers should not interact with vehicle occupants beyond requesting their compliance with all guidelines.
f. Organizers should use cashless or other non-contact methods for monetary transactions, including collections.
g. Presentations may be conducted by radio transmitters, or streamed over the internet.
As a reminder, COVID-19 recommendations and guidelines are still in place.  Please continue to practice a minimum of 6 feet social distancing, wear proper face protection and abide by ALL current laws, restrictions and recommendations set forth by the state and county.
Your safety and well being continues to be our highest priority.
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